The warranty on SOFCA products is limited to the free repair and replacement at our premises of the parts recognized as defective for lack of essential qualities or deficiency of processing. The components to be repaired or replaced under warranty will be sent by the customer and reinstalled by the customer.
The warranty duration is 12 months from the date of shipment and is related to the materials of our production; for commercial materials requested by the customer, commercial guarantees are applied.

SOFCA offers its customers a service of prompt replacement for the materials either under warranty and out of warranty. The service is implemented with the following procedure: customer declares by e-mail the code of the defective part, SOFCA sends the requested part through its courier, within 12 hours from the customer's request in all European countries. Afterwards the customer sends SOFCA the defective part for repair.
Prices and conditions of any 'forklift service at home' are to be agreed at the time of the assistance contract.

Installation and Testing

We would like to specify that the quotation prices of our systems do not include the service of installation, testing or commissioning at the customer premises. If requested, the installation and startup service is quoted separately.

Request for assistance

Any intervention for production assistance or commissioning, user's and programmer's courses, research & development testing, tightening analysis to start prototype production, etc., can be carried out by our specialized staff. The costs relating to the working hours, food, accommodation and transport will be charged at closure. So, please, in this regard, ask the commercial service the 'assistance request form' and the 'price list'.