The fitting tool provides the capability to 'pull inserts' by means of a Makita brushless, model BFL. The fitting tool is equipped with slip-clutch control of the torque and its head is fully integrated within the Makita brushless while the dimensions, the weight and the handling of the tool remain unaffected.

The head, specially developed by SOFCA, is made with special alloys and contains a miniaturized and sophisticated electronics where the power drive is embedded.

The tools exchange data, via wireless technology, with the control SPM 100 MAK_5 which controls, remotely, the functionality of the 'pull-inserts' as strategy, torque and time in the torque range 12 to 30 Nm.

Tool typeTorque Range NmRPMTool Weight KgLength mmBattery Weight gr
SOF_BL 300 TI_ XX16 - 303201,5430490
SOF_BL 401 TI_ XX24 - 402201,7430490

The wireless tools, specified above in two sizes, are both powered with lithium batteries without memory effect.