The Visual Capability program is suitable for measuring benches for nutrunners.

The SPM100 TC ANALYZER can work in slave mode with an industrial touch-screen PC, available at Sofca standard, using the Visual Capability software installed on the PC.
The Visual Capability software allows to record the evidence of the tightening in torque and angle by comparison with a standard reference transducer. Consequently, the tool under test is characterized by means of a statistical analysis of the deviations (measure of CM, CMK and related paper X / R). The results of the tests are available in graphic format, text and exportable to CSV.

The software 'Visual Capability', has a user interface based on a logical and intuitive menu.

The Visual Capability software allows:

  • to manage and control the tests in an intuitive way
  • to insert, modify and delete users
  • to insert tool data and characteristics of the test, such as start torque , min torque, max torque, joint selection, precision limits, number of samplings
  • to insert data of the reference transducers
  • to manage deadlines in case it is requested a record of the dates when the tool tests were carried out for a precise control over time
  • execute Test Capability
  • execute Test Linearity
With Test Capability the tool performance and the result repeatability are checked by a number of tests
With Test Linearity the linearity of the torque response of the tool is checked by a number of tests