Sofca is committed to ensuring that all its products meet customer expectations in all respects, throughout the product life cycle, from design to installation and subsequently to after-sales activities.

Quality management starts from the offer which will take into account not only the performance of the system on sale but also the specific application of the customer. Having Sofca expertise in the field of industrial automation, Sofca is able to provide and / or propose turnkey solutions after listening to the customer's needs and before defining the offer.

Regarding the design, Sofca continuously upgrades its products in order to adapt them to the "State of the Art" both as components and as technology. To ensure that the upgrades do not affect the performance of the product, the upgraded product is also subjected to qualification tests as obviously happens for the newly invented product and then a qualification plan is performed which details the tests and actions necessary to qualify the upgrades. It includes acceptance criteria based on parametric tests, final laboratory tests and reliability tests. Once implemented, changes are closely monitored in the field to ensure that results remain consistent over time. The product characterization tests and its performance responses are performed at the Sofca laboratory.

Furthermore, on each Sofca product, during the factory testing phase, the following are performed:

  • Functional tests
  • Measurement of the peculiar parameters of each one with storage of the data of its characterization for future traceability by means of specially set up measuring benches
  • Endurance tests on other benches where the system is constantly subjected to a programmed stress for sufficient time to verify that there are no component or assembly defects

During the installation phase, Sofca works alongside the customer for one / two days in order to verify that the system installed on the production line or in the customer's laboratory is operational and performing as expected. Sofca is also available to carry out a course for operators.

The after-sales activity includes, in addition to the warranty period, various services to be agreed with separate contracts. These contracts may include consultancy activities, scheduled and / or extraordinary maintenance and control / calibration of the systems on the test benches of the Sofca laboratory.