The analyzer allows the reading of the torque detected by the respective transducers.
It is possible to use transducers of different manufacturers.
The software provides the customization of the scale of values according to the customer's needs.

Desktop arrangement
Rack arrangement

SPM100-TC hardware Characteristics

  • High efficiency display, 4x20 graphic
  • Available in version 1CH and 2CH
  • Possibility of interfacing with several types of transducers
  • Capability to acquire even angle information
  • Front LED indication of CH status
  • 16 inputs / 16 outputs to PLC
  • 1 parallel port for printer
  • Possibility of interfacing LAN or Profibus DP

SPM100-TC software Characteristics

  • Hierarchical menu for a complete keyboard programming
  • Availability of 20 production sets
  • Management of the main serial printers / barcode
  • Arbitrary management of the torque objectification
  • Process statistics in real-time
  • IO and system diagnostic functions
  • Possibility of personalized prints

The controller SPM100 TC ANALYZER can work in slave mode with an industrial touch-screen PC, at Sofca standard, using the Visual Capability software installed on PC.