Discontinued. The system is not produced anymore. Repair and spare parts are guaranteed.

SENTINEL MTU is a software built to assist the SENTINEL control units in the detection and control of the intensity of the broadband electric field present at a given site.
The SENTINEL RTU control unit uses SMS messaging, supported by the GSM standard, to send to the operation center, where it is installed the SENTINEL MTU program, the following types of posts:

  • a periodic message, sent at intervals of a few hours (programmable time), which reports the average values, maximum values, the date and time of detection of the measures
  • a warning message sent immediately after the detection of an average value that exceeds the threshold set in V/m
  • an alarm message sent immediately when technical and/or environmental conditions, that may impair proper operation, are encountered

The Sentinel MTU application is based on the reception of messages from a dual band GSM modem (Siemens) and is capable of:

  • acquire and save independently on Access database the data sent via SMS by the SENTINEL control units, which were previously set
  • display the collected data, over a period of time set by the user, in an Excel compatible tabular format with the date and time of the detection and the columns with the values per axis - mean value, maximum value, temperature
  • perform statistical analysis, mean value, maximum value, standard deviation over a period of time set by the user
  • warn the user of exceeding the preset V/m threshold or the occurrence of a situation that could affect the control unit operation