Wireless dynamometric wrenches with carbon structure

In the context of technological research for the improvement of its products, SOFCA s.r.l. has developed a new generation family of wireless dynamometric wrenches with carbon structure.

EVT COIL: new electric tool to tighten the VISAᴿ clamps

It was developed with CAILLAU a new electric tool, cordless and wireless, to tighten the VISAᴿ clamps called EVT COIL.

New BCNG System for refueling methane vehicles

In the field of special equipment, the final realization is the system BCNG System (Backup Compressed Natural Gas) for the supply of natural gas vehicles.

Torque Wrenches: SOF_TG Smart

Concerning torque wrenches, it is now being produced the low cost series SOF_TG Smart to objectify the tightenings without the use of the control unit.