The system is based on the following configuration:

  • Torque & Angle tightening spindle with full scale sized for the torque required by the stud with a 30 mm compensator
  • 3/8” square drive.
  • SOFCA tightening control system capable of managing all Torque & Angle parameters and the appropriate stud tightening strategy.
  • Movement in controlled steps both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Bushing dedicated to the stud complete with incorporated mechanical device, to facilitate and make the grip and release of the stud more flexible.
  • The system can be interfaced with a PLC, CNC, or other equipment to control the entire production process.

In the specific case of the photo, we are talking about a 18 Nm Full Scale Stud Screwdriver for manual bench assembly.
SOFCA has also carried out completely automatic applications using: Translation portal with movement of the tightening spindle. Automatic selection of studs by a vibrating selector. Taking the stud directly from the stud selector. Transport via the special insert from the sorting station to the component on which the stud has to be screwed.

Management of the tightening cycle dedicated to the stud.
Outcome management.

Return to the stud selection station to start a new cycle.