SOFCA srl has designed a family of wireless wrenches capable to perform the objectification control and to acquire information about the tool status, the tightening parameters, any sequence of objectification, the number of cycles and the level of the battery charge. Industria 4.0

Tightening strategies:

  • Torque with time control
  • Torque with angle and time control
  • Torque and Angle
  • Angle with time control
  • Angle with torque control
  • Angle with torque and time control

Technical characteristics:

  • Torque: peak or continuous mode reading
  • CW e CCW
  • 9x12 and 14x18 push-in connector
  • Torque accuracy reading: 1% (10% -100% of full scale)
  • Angle measurement accuracy: 1 ° over 360 °
  • Power supply rechargeable battery via dedicated charger ALI SOF TG 500
  • Auto power off
  • Units: Nm, Kgf m, lbf ft lbf in
  • Data memory: 1000 (date, torque value, angle value, measurement set)
  • Warning by three led blue / green / red
  • 3 lights with 360 ° visibility
  • Four control keys
  • Display 132x32 pixels, arranged for backlight (optional)
  • Serial communication via RS232C by means of the control unit SPM100 MK5
  • Function control by menu
  • Breakaway torque (optional)
  • Compliant with the requirements of UNI-EN-ISO 6789-2004

Standard torque wrench selection SOF-TG series

Mechanical characteristics of the standard wrenches

ModelCodeLength mm.Width mm.Nm.Weight KgConnectionDrive
SOF_TG 50SOF 26005035648501,153/8”9 x 12
SOF_TG 100SOF 2600100456481001,361/2”9 x 12
SOF_TG 200SOF 2600200512482001,431/2”9 x 12
SOF_TG 350SOF 2600350610483501,553/4”14 x 18
SOF_TG 800SOF 2600800970488003,23/4”-

Torque wrench selection of SOF-CARB series

Mechanical characteristics of the new latest generation super light carbon wrenches

ModelCodeLength mm.Width mm.Nm.Weight KgConnectionDrive
SOF_CARB 50SOF 50005035648500,6203/8”9 x 12
SOF_CARB 100SOF 5000100456481000,7001/2”9 x 12
SOF_CARB 200SOF 5000200512482000,8201/2”9 x 12
SOF_CARB 350SOF 5000350610483500,9903/4”14 x 18

Torque wrench selection of SOF-TGS series

The low-cost SOF_TG Smart torque wrenches are created to objectify tightening independently without the use of the MAK5 control unit. To this aim, the essential part of the intelligence of the control unit has been transposed into the tool so that it is sufficient, before operating, to define the tightening programs and set the related parameters in the tool memory.

ModelCodeLength mm.Width mm.Nm.Weight KgConnectionDrive
SOF_TGS 50SOF 260050_S35648501,153/8”9 x 12
SOF_ TGS 100SOF 2600100_S456481001,361/2”9 x 12
SOF_ TGS 200SOF 2600200_S512482001,431/2”9 x 12
SOF_ TGS 350SOF 2600350_S610483501,553/4”14 x 18
SOF_ TGS 800SOF 2600800_S970488003,23/4”-
Special inserts for torque wrenches